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ONLEAD Group is a large-scale well-known office furniture enterprise focusing on research, production, sales and service integration. China's top ten brands of office furniture have more than 2,000 employees. Its brands include: green furniture brand "Haitai", "Olin" of Guangdong Province, the preferred brand of domestic growing enterprises "Coreda", and the leading military products in the field of new partition wall in China. Brand "Kleika", domestic office chair leading brand "Merck" and eight wholly-owned sales subsidiaries distributed in the first-tier cities in China, more than 100 service outlets and institutions throughout the country.

Interview address:

No. 100 Olin Industrial Park, Ren Ren and Zhenhe Long No. 7 Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou (beside Yidong Hotel)


Bus route:

1. Metro Line 3 Ren and Station Exit B. Ren and Xu Station will arrive by bus 701, 701A, 707 and 828 (via one station) Fenghe Zhuang Station.


2. 840 buses/510 buses (passing through Xinshixu) people and stations get off and take buses 701, 701A, 707, 708, 828 Fenghezhuang stop.


3. Take bus No. 701 Fenghezhuang from Tianpingjia terminus.


4. Airport Road Terminus/Xinshixu 704 Bus Fenghezhuang Station.


Note: When Fenghezhuang gets off the bus, he sees a road beside Fenghe Health Center. Go straight along the road for 20 meters (that is, behind Fenghe Health Center).



Contact person: HR-Zhao, Ministry of Personnel Administration

Contact number: 18825196872 or 020-66601678 to 1055

Please bring your resume, signature pen and so on to the interview.

Sales accounting

Job responsibilities:
1. Examination of quotation sheets;
2. Sign the bill of lading for delivery;
3. Settlement of sales business items;
4. Follow-up of accounts receivable;
5. Establishment of sales related vouchers;
6. Check accounts with customers in time;

1. Age: under 40
2. Education: College
3. Major: Accounting, Finance, Economics and other related majors
4. Work experience: more than one year working experience
5. Comprehensive Qualities: Familiar with UFriend Software Operation and Office Software
6. Personality characteristics: stable, serious, careful, with high professional ethics; good organization, coordination, communication skills and team spirit, able to withstand greater work pressure. Mainstream financial software and easy maintenance;
7. Comprehensive quality (personality characteristics): solid work, conscientious and meticulous work, abide by professional ethics, have a high sense of responsibility and dedication; have the ability to manage and lead the team; good communication skills, strong adaptability, efficient implementation.

Monthly salary range: 3000 - 5500

Tax accounting

Job responsibilities:
1. Processing tax registration and alteration and other related matters;
2. Be responsible for the issuance of daily sales invoices and the follow-up of purchasing invoices;
3. Responsible for the declaration and control of various taxes;
4. Deal with corporate tax business independently;
5. Regular financial analysis;
6. Complete other tasks arranged by the Accounting Supervisor;
7. Handle other tax-related matters.

1. Gender: unlimited
2. Age: over 25
3. Education: Full-time college or above
4. Major: Accounting or Financial Management
5. Work experience: Over three years working experience in overall accounting, financial managers in production-oriented enterprises are preferred.
6. Knowledge requirements: Understanding accounting standards, familiar with tax laws and regulations.
7. Skills Requirements: Familiar with the operation of OFFICE office software, will use the mainstream domestic financial software, and can carry out simple maintenance;
8. Comprehensive quality (personality characteristics): solid work, conscientious and meticulous work, abide by professional ethics, have a high sense of responsibility and dedication; have the ability to manage and lead the team; good communication skills, strong adaptability, efficient implementation.
9. Intermediate title is preferred.
Monthly salary range: 3500-7000

International Assistant/Clerk

Responsibility Requirements:
1. Make a detailed list of shipments every day, arrange and follow up the shipments on that day
2. Scanning and dispatching daily delivery orders to relevant customers
3. Follow-up of customer on-site inspection
4. Interim work handed over by superiors

1. Age 20-30 years, majors are not limited to
2. Gentle personality, clear thinking, good communication and coordination skills, active work, conscientious and responsible, team awareness
Monthly salary range: 3000-4500


Job responsibilities:
1. Inspection of incoming materials according to normative documents.
2. Fill in the inspection report according to the inspection results.
3. Complete the tasks assigned by superiors with quality and quantity.
4. Can understand simple mechanical drawings and use simple measuring tools (calipers, tapes)

1. Men and women, age 18-35
2. Secondary and higher education
Over 3.1 years of inspection experience
4. Ability to handle affairs independently, strong ability to organize, coordinate and communicate, careful work and strong sense of responsibility

ERP Implementation Project Manager

Job responsibilities
1. Responsible for project implementation management, formulating project plans, promoting project implementation and promoting project acceptance;
2. Responsible for docking work with customer project managers, coordinating customer resources, implementing project plans, reporting to senior customers, etc.;
3. Responsible for the key work of requirement analysis, project arrangement and business guidance;
4. Responsible for project team organization, division of labor, coordination and other management work.

1. Bachelor degree or above in computer related specialty, more than five years experience in ERP related implementation, more than two years project management experience, familiar with IT project implementation management process and norms.
2. Participated in the development and implementation of specific software projects, and acted as a manager in the project;
3. Proficiency in SQL server, Oracle database and SQL language.
4. Be proficient in office software and have good ability of program making and explanation;
5. Good communication and coordination skills and good ability to analyze and solve problems;
6. Experience in resource coordination and management, strong team management skills;
7. Positive working attitude, high sense of responsibility, have a greater ability to bear pressure.
Annual salary range: 150-200,000

IT Manager

Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for organizing the construction project of intelligent industry 4.0 software system such as ERP, MES, WMS, SCM, CRM, PLM and other big data centers;
2. Be responsible for organizing and tracking software analysis and testing to solve problems encountered in the testing process;
3. Be responsible for the establishment and maintenance of test documents.
4. Be responsible for the data security management of the company, and do a good job in the hardware security management of the system.
5. Implementation, promotion, operation guidance and daily monitoring of various business departments, and prevention and resolution of related quality problems;
6. Collect, analyze and submit feedback regularly on the implementation and operation of software system quality system of service business departments;
7. Ensure that the software system of the service business department is validated appropriately according to the results of risk assessment;
8. Cooperate with internal and external audits within the scope of work, external audits such as customer, CFDA or FDA audits of software system quality.

1. Bachelor degree or above, 30-45 years old, software related or other specialties (such as forestry, manufacturing, medicine, biology, etc.) have good software professional knowledge;
2. More than 6 years working experience and at least 2 years working experience in software system development in factories;
3. Have a strong sense of responsibility and a down-to-earth working attitude, do things carefully, enthusiastic and principled;
4. Good at communication and coordination, strong cross-departmental coordination and communication skills, good team spirit;
5. Good English, good English reading and writing skills.
6. Experience in software development and maintenance in furniture industry is preferred.
Annual salary range: 150-200,000

Product manager

Job responsibilities:
1. Keep a close grasp of the market development direction, competitors'product development, determine the development principles of new products, and put forward the company's product development demand plan;
2. Market positioning of products according to the company's product planning to continuously improve the market competitiveness of products;
3. Organize the R&D and department management of the company's products;
4. Combining with market research, making design plan of appearance, organizing project evaluation, project establishment and implementation;
5. Be responsible for the company's product quotation and price audit;
6. Be responsible for formulating annual plans for product improvement/annual training and other departments;
7. Responsible for the implementation of key technology confidentiality measures;
8. Responsible for the formulation of technical standards;
9. Be responsible for all kinds of products in the R&D stage to consider how to standardize and suitable for batch production.

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in furniture design, art design, industrial design, etc.
2.More than 10 years working experience, 5 years of furniture industry equivalent position management experience;
3. Unique opinions on the current trend of office furniture products are preferred;
4. Strong design management and communication skills, creative and in-depth understanding of product design;
5. Excellent design professional level, with good design development potential;
6. Good design team management ability and team spirit;
7. Proficient in scheme design, hand-drawn expression and related software operation;
8. Strong learning ability, love design work, innovative spirit.
Annual salary range: 200-300,000

Procurement Specialist

Job responsibilities:
1. Searching for suppliers of new products and materials, collecting and developing data, establishing supplier files and archiving them;
2. Grasp the market situation of the main raw materials responsible for controlling the cost;
3. Implement inquiries, price comparisons, accounting, negotiation and price confidentiality and management;
4. Control and coordination of material ordering and schedule delivery and quality control;
5. The responsible suppliers sign contracts, manage and regularly evaluate the responsible suppliers;
6. Statistics and analysis of monthly reports of materials in charge;

1. Gender: unlimited < br />. 2. Age: 26-35
3. Education: College degree or above
4. Major: Accounting or related majors
5. Comprehensive quality: more than 3 years experience in purchasing, good value analysis and cost awareness;
6. Others: good expression, communication and coordination skills, dedicated work, impartiality and honesty, strong sense of teamwork;
Monthly salary range: 3500-5000


Job Responsibilities:
1. Strictly implement warehouse management system and work flow, and receive and deliver materials
according to regulations. 2. Be responsible for planning warehouse area, arranging inventory location, ensuring material classification, right, labeling, etc.;
3. Responsible for the specific storage and safety of warehouse materials;
4. Responsible for periodic inventory of materials, reporting inventory reports, ensuring three-phase consistency of accounts and cards;
5. Responsible for the implementation of statistics, declaration and treatment results of dull and non-performing materials;
6. Complete other tasks assigned by the warehouse supervisor;

1. Age 25-35 years old, secondary school or above, more than one year related work experience
2. Comprehensive quality: quick thinking, eager to learn, strong sense of responsibility, and a certain degree of pressure resistance
3. Personality characteristics: optimistic, cheerful and positive
Monthly salary range: 3000-5000

Clerk in desk workshop

Men and women are not limited, over 30 years old, proficient in operating computers, especially forms, documents and other office software, with ambition, factory civilian work experience is preferred.
Monthly salary range: negotiable

Desk cleaner

Men and women are not limited, 35-40 years old, can bear hardships and stand hard work, obey the work arrangement
Salary Range: Piecework, Negotiation

Trial Installer of Table Workshop

Men and women are not limited, 26-35 years old. Experience in assembly is preferred
Salary Range: Negotiation


Job Duties
1. Responsible for the normal operation of the company's water supply, power supply and gas supply system, responsible for the maintenance and maintenance guidance of related electric and pneumatic tools.
2. Be responsible for the safety inspection and daily maintenance of the company's water, electricity and gas systems.
3. Responsible for the maintenance and maintenance of the production machinery and equipment in the factory area.
4. Check all kinds of equipment in the factory area every month according to regulations.
5. Arrangements for completing temporary work.

1. Age: 18-40;
2. Experience: One year or more
3. Education: Secondary technical school or above, excellent fresh graduates can also;
4. Professional: unlimited, must hold valid electrician operation certificate;
5. Able to bear hardships and endure hardships, regardless, have team spirit;
Note: This post must hold an electrician's certificate.
Contact number: 020-66601678 to 1055
Monthly salary range: 3000-5500