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Haitai Olin Group has won multiple "China Office Furniture Innovation Design Awards"


On March 26, the first "China Office Furniture Innovation Design Award" award ceremony was successfully held, and the list of China Office Furniture Innovation Design Awards that have received much attention from the industry was officially announced. With excellent design concepts, innovative design practices, and outstanding design achievements, Haitai Olin Group has won three major awards: "Top 10 Office Software", "Top 10 Office Intelligence", and "Top 10 Office Furniture Exhibition Design Award".

The China Office Furniture Innovation Design Award (OFDA), jointly sponsored by Design Era and the Office Federation, is a vertical design award in the field of office products. It aims to promote the progress and development of the office product design industry by selecting the projects or works that have the most design power and meet market demand through a fair and professional review process through humanized, modular, functional, and intelligent design.

Ailan Work Island won the "Top 10 Office Software" award

The "technology, intelligence, and efficiency" office solution - Island Island, is like a small island with rich accessories, allowing users to enter the working state at any time. The semi wrapped design effectively avoids external interference.

● Mobile office, flexible and free to enjoy efficient collaboration;

● Intelligent integrated system with complete functions, intelligent enjoyment of high-quality office;

● Semi-package independent office, safe and comfortable, effectively avoiding external interference.

Edinburgh Intelligent Lifting Table Won "Top 10 Office Intelligence"

The Edinburgh intelligent lift table integrates functions such as intelligent reminders for prolonged sitting, setback in case of obstacles, and digital chemical station management to help enterprises achieve statistical analysis of health data, improve employee health, optimize work station resources, enhance intelligent management efficiency, and create a more efficient and intelligent work environment.

"ONLEAD SPACE" won the "Top 10 Design Award for Office Furniture Exhibition"

"ONLEAD SPACE", through the inspection and control of the ten concepts of the WELL Health Building Standard, comprehensively builds an ideal office space that is healthy, comfortable, green, environmentally friendly, and humanistic. "ONLEAD SPACE" has passed the strict review of the certification agency and obtained the Wellv2 platinum certification for a healthy building.

Deeply cultivate and innovate continuously.

Haitai Olin Group has been deeply engaged in the office furniture industry for 27 years, always adhering to the development strategy of innovation driven and design led, and is committed to providing high-quality office furniture products to users at home and abroad. In the future, the Group adheres to the core concept of "One Heart, One Virtue, and Perfection", with the mission of "Creating a Better Office Life", making endless progress in product innovation, continuously introducing the old and bringing forth the new, and contributing to promoting the high-quality development of the industry.

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