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Leading Moment No.05 | Implementing the Three Quality Action to Lead High Quality Development


Haitai Olin Group Has Reacquired Industry Honors
Leading high-quality development through the implementation of the "Three Quality Action"


On March 21, the conference on innovative achievements of "practicing three quality actions and serving a better life" hosted by the China National Light Industry Council was held in Beijing, releasing the eighth and ninth batch of Guidelines for Upgrading and Innovating Consumer Goods and the list of selected products. Haitai Olin Group's product bridge platform was selected for the "Upgraded Consumer Goods" list with its unique innovative design and won an award medal.

Since the China National Light Industry Council officially released the first batch of guidelines at the end of 2016, it has released a list of nine batches of consumer goods guidelines, covering appliances, food, furniture and other products closely related to consumer life. Qiaobantai has been selected for the "Upgrade Consumer Goods" list, which is the best manifestation of Haitai Olin Group's implementation of the "Three Product Action".

Qiaoban Terrace integrates technology and humanized design, with intelligent lifting to achieve alternating station and seat office work. It has newly upgraded intelligent voice accessories, intelligent fingerprint locks, and fully hidden high-quality accessories to create high-quality office life.


Only by walking steadily can we achieve great success.
Implementing the "Three Quality Action" is a necessary path for the furniture industry to achieve high-quality development, and it is also a practical requirement to meet people's aspirations for a better life. Only by increasing variety and improving quality can we create a brand and win reputation. In the future, on the path of continuously practicing the Three Quality Action, Haitai Olin Group will always adhere to its corporate mission and contribute to promoting the high-quality development of the furniture industry.




Representatives of Haitai Olin Group attended
The First Beautiful Hospital Construction Industry Summit and Keynote Speech


On March 25th, the "First Beautiful Hospital Construction Industry Summit" jointly initiated by the Chuzhou Municipal Health Commission, Zhuyitai, and the Hospital Architecture and Equipment Branch of the China Medical Equipment Association was held in Chuzhou. Wang Xiaozhi, General Manager of Haitai Olin Group Medical Care Center, attended the summit and delivered a keynote speech.

The theme of this summit is "Targeting high-quality development and building a coordinated development and upgrading system for the construction of a beautiful hospital industry". The aim is to build an exchange platform that integrates government, industry, academia, research, and application in hospital construction, and promote high-quality development of hospital construction.

At the sub forum of "Quality First, Better Hospital Construction and Operation Management Capability Improvement", the special report "Hospital in the Forest - Taizhou Enze Medical Center (Group) Taizhou Hospital Healing Environment Shaping" brought by Wang Xiaozhi, General Manager of the Group Medical Care Center, won unanimous praise from the attending representatives.

After the sub forum, with the theme of "Building a Beautiful Hospital in the New Era" as the high-end dialogue topic, the attending guests conducted multi-level and multi-dimensional exchanges around popular topics such as "Opportunities and Challenges in Modern Hospital Construction under the New Situation", "How to Build a Hospital Space Scene that Satisfies Doctors and Patients", and "How Intelligent Technology Empowers High Quality Development of Public Hospitals".

During the 14th Five Year Plan period, China's economy and society have entered a stage of high-quality development, and the construction and development of modern hospitals will comprehensively shift towards building beautiful hospitals. Haitai Olin Group continues to increase investment in innovative research and development of medical furniture, strengthen the application of new technologies such as informatization, big data, and artificial intelligence, empower future hospital construction and operation, and contribute to the construction of high-quality and beautiful hospitals.





Wu Buke, leader of the Guangzhou State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, led a team
Visiting the Group's South China Base for Inspection and Guidance Work


On March 22nd, Wu Buke, a first level researcher (municipal management) from the State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Guangzhou, led the fourth supervision and inspection team for safety promotion, consisting of the State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Transportation Bureau, and Landscape Administration Bureau, to visit the group's South China base for supervision and inspection work, and listened to the work report of Wu Lu, director of the Baiyun District Emergency Management Bureau. Huang Xiaowei, the person in charge of the group's South China base, accompanied the reception.

The inspection team affirmed the effectiveness of Baiyun District's safety promotion of "entering the enterprise". The inspection team emphasizes that we will continue to promote the implementation of the "Five Entries" work, focus on improving the dissemination, guidance, and influence of the "Five Entries", and pay attention to experience promotion, highlighting the pilot work of safety promotion.

The inspection team focused on examining the safety production environment of the group's South China base, listened to the safety production work report of the person in charge of the South China base, understood the safety production measures taken by the enterprise, and pointed out that the enterprise must prioritize safety and accelerate development while ensuring good safety production.

The South China Base of the Group always adheres to a high position, high standards, and high requirements in safety production work, strictly implements the main responsibility for safety production, improves the safety management system, enhances the ability of enterprises to prevent and control safety risks and emergency response, continuously focuses on hidden danger investigation and governance with higher standards, strengthens risk consultation and early warning monitoring, solidifies the safety foundation of production and operation, and ensures the safe and stable development of enterprises.




Group South China Base Development
Safety promotion and public welfare science popularization activity of "entering the enterprise"


Recently, in order to strengthen risk prevention education and improve employee safety literacy, the South China Base of the group has collaborated with the Baiyun District Emergency Management Bureau, Baiyun District Emergency Management Education Center, and Renhe Town Comprehensive Law Enforcement Office to carry out a public welfare science popularization activity of "entering the enterprise" for safety promotion.

The South China Base of the Group actively carries out safety publicity, education, and training through safety promotion activities, popularizes safety knowledge, enhances employees' risk prevention awareness and self rescue and mutual rescue capabilities, further strengthens the main responsibility of safety production, improves the level of safety production, and fully guarantees the safety production of the enterprise.




Deepen cooperation between schools and enterprises
Assist in talent development


On March 18th, the headquarters of the group held a campus recruitment event for graduates from Nanjing Forestry University.

Group Vice President Jeff welcomed the arrival of students from Nanlin University and gave a presentation on the group's corporate culture. Subsequently, the students visited the product experience exhibition hall together and gained a close understanding of cutting-edge products and design concepts in the industry.

The Nanjing Forestry University Campus Recruitment Graduates Visit not only solves the employment problem of some graduates, provides them with greater growth and development space, but also helps to cultivate professional talents that meet the needs of enterprises.

Group Vice President Jeff distributes onboarding offers to classmates


On March 21st, teachers and students from Guangzhou Baiyun Industrial and Commercial Technician College and Guangzhou Baiyun Advanced Technical College of Industry and Commerce visited the group's South China base for exchange.

Luo Xiaoming, Sales Director of the Group Partition Center, introduced the corporate culture and development process, and explained the process design process and quality management. Subsequently, the students walked into the product exhibition hall and production workshop for a visit, experiencing the charm of the product and the strength of intelligent manufacturing up close.

The group has carried out school enterprise cooperation and exchange activities with Guangzhou Baiyun Industrial and Commercial Technician College and Guangzhou Baiyun Industrial and Commercial Senior Technical College, focusing on the cultivation of high-quality technical and skilled talents, and contributing to the high-quality development of vocational education in the new era.

The group continuously deepens the integration of industry and education, school enterprise cooperation, establishes a mechanism for industry and education integration, builds platforms such as teaching, research and internship, and practical teaching bases, continuously promotes the collaborative education mechanism between schools and enterprises, innovates talent cultivation models, and strives to cultivate high-quality innovative and skilled talents.



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