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Leading Moment No.06 | Join hands with Tsinghua University to create a better future



Haitai Olin Group becomes
Cooperative unit of MEM practical teaching course at Tsinghua University


On April 13, more than 80 students from the Master of Engineering Management (MEM) class of Tsinghua University, led by four teachers, Bian Mingyuan, Yu Na, Feng Xueping and Xu Yuanyuan, visited Haitai Oulin Group for exchange. Group leaders such as Group President Li Ning, Vice President Jeff, and Marketing Director Zhao Linfei warmly received the research group and their delegation.



Medal ceremony

During the exchange, the two sides held a licensing ceremony. Professor Bian Mingyuan, the instructor of the Master of Engineering Management practical teaching course of Tsinghua University, awarded the plaque of "Tsinghua University MEM practical teaching course cooperation unit" to Haitai Oulin Group; Li Ning, President of Haitai Olin Group, Jeff, Vice President of Haitai Olin Group, and Wang Xiaozhi, General Manager of the Medical and Nursing Center were awarded the "Speaker of Practical Teaching Program of Tsinghua University Master of Engineering Management (MEM) Education Center".

Haitai Olin Group Becomes a "Tsinghua University MEM Practice Teaching Course Cooperation Unit"



Theme sharing

Group Marketing Director Zhao Linfei gave a company introduction and shared successful cases, introducing the company's development history, innovative research and development capabilities, successful cases, and future development directions.

Wang Xiaozhi, General Manager of the Group Medical and Nursing Center, shared the development trends and excellent cases of the medical and nursing industry, and elaborated on the cutting-edge medical and nursing furniture design concept with specific cases.




Interactive communication

Jeff, Vice President and General Manager of the Information Center of the Group, shared the progress of the Group's information construction, digital achievements, and successful experiences.



Visiting the exhibition hall

During the research period, the students visited the office exhibition hall, medical care exhibition hall, and education exhibition hall, experiencing the charm and ultimate quality of the products up close. The fashionable and simple design style, leading digital achievements, and innovative smart space products of Haitai Olin Group were highly praised by the research group.



This event is a corporate practical learning and exchange activity jointly organized by Haitai Olin Group and Tsinghua University (MEM). Through this on-site visit and learning, the students learned about the development trends and future trends of the furniture industry, and also felt the unremitting pursuit of product innovation, environmental protection, and quality by Haitai Olin Group. In the future, both sides hope to further strengthen close collaboration, actively promote the deep integration of industry, academia, research and application, and jointly look forward to the next more exciting practical teaching exchange activity.




A delegation led by senior leaders at the municipal level in Nanjing
Visit Linhai Taihuolin Group for investigation and research


On April 7th, the Retired Cadres Bureau of the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee organized a special research activity on "Talking about Tradition, Revitalization, and Gathering Strength" for retired cadres. A delegation led by senior leaders from Nanjing City visited the headquarters of Linhai Taihuolin Group for investigation and research, accompanied by leaders from the Gaochun District Party Committee, District Government, and Organization Department. Group President Li Ning warmly received.


The city level senior leaders and their delegation conducted on-site inspections and visited the group headquarters park and smart furniture exhibition hall, gaining a deeper understanding of the research and development and manufacturing of smart furniture, office furniture, medical furniture, and elderly care furniture. During the visit, Group President Li Ning gave a detailed introduction to the development of the group's research and development design, technological innovation, intelligent furniture design, green and low-carbon industries. The senior leaders highly praised the group's achievements in intelligence, digital innovation and development, and praised the group's efforts in promoting high-quality development in the furniture industry.




Congratulations to Ms. Ye Yongzhen, Chairman of the Group
Awarded the title of "Top 10 Heroes in 2022 Bay Business"


On April 1st, the launch ceremony of the Second "Bay Business Conference" and the High Quality Industrial Development Assistance Action in the Bay Area, organized by the Organizing Committee of the Second Bay Business Conference and led by the Guangzhou Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area Economic and Cultural Promotion Association, was grandly held at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center. Ms. Ye Yongzhen, the chairman of the group, was awarded the title of "Top 10 Heroes in 2022 Bay Business".


With the theme of "new era, new opportunities and new drivers" and the main line of "Gulf businessmen help high-quality development", the conference highlights the innovative power and creativity of Gulf businessmen, focuses on the new drivers of Gulf businessmen, and reflects the responsibilities and responsibilities of Gulf businessmen in Chinese path to modernization.



As one of the leading enterprises in the furniture industry, Haitai Oulin Group has always practiced the concept of green and low-carbon development, kept pace with the times and continued to innovate, promoted the high-quality development of the furniture industry, while promoting the furniture industry to better integrate into the national major strategy, actively participated in the construction of the "the Belt and Road", and participated in the construction of the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area. In 2022, Haitai Olin Group was selected as the only commercial furniture brand on the "2022 Bay Merchants National Brand" list released by the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area Economic and Cultural Promotion Association.




Hosted by Haitai Olin Group
Visiting Activities for Teachers and Students of Nanjing Xiaozhuang College


On April 7th, teachers and students from Nanjing Xiaozhuang College visited the headquarters of Haitai Olin Group for a one-day teaching visit activity. The Director of the Group's Key Account Center, Niu Guanghong, warmly received and accompanied us throughout the event.


The students conducted experiential learning in the group's smart furniture exhibition hall, experiencing smart scenarios such as smart office and smart medical care up close, and gaining an understanding of cutting-edge innovative design concepts in the industry.

Group Chief Financial Officer Zheng Hailin gave a special lecture on finance. Zheng Hailin, combining years of financial work experience, shared a special topic on the financial organizational structure and enterprise financial management of the group company, bringing a wonderful, vivid, and practical financial lecture to everyone.


This teaching visit deepened the understanding of teachers and students of Nanjing Xiaozhuang University on enterprise Digital transformation, intelligent design innovation, financial theory and practice, and laid a foundation for further promoting the cooperation between the college and enterprises. Students expressed that this activity not only broadened their horizons, but also learned new concepts and knowledge. The group actively deepens the exploration and practice of the collaborative education model between schools and enterprises, continuously enhances the integration of industry and education, and contributes to the innovative development of schools and enterprises, in order to promote high-quality education development.





Haitai Olin Group
Employee birthday party


Every year brings a gift, and every year brings joy. To express gratitude for the hard work and hard work of the family, various business departments and branches of the group continue to hold collective birthday parties for employees, allowing everyone to relax in their busy and busy work while feeling the warmth of the ONLEAD family.

Collective birthday party activities are a form of employee care, which not only enriches employees' cultural and entertainment life, but also enhances their happiness index. The Group strengthens humanistic care based on people, cares for every employee, improves everyone's sense of integration, belonging and happiness to the ONLEAD family, and enhances the cohesion and centripetal force of employees.




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