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Leading Moment No.04 | Spring Breeze Brings Warm Love and Warm Heart


Campus Recruitment of Haitai Olin Group

Graduates' Visit Activity - Jiangsu Station


On March 15th, the Jiangsu Station, a campus recruitment activity for graduates from the group, was held at the headquarters. Graduates from Nanjing Forestry University and Yangzhou University in 2019 came to the headquarters to visit and exchange ideas. Group Vice President Jeff welcomed the arrival of the students and provided a detailed introduction to the group's corporate culture and philosophy.




Group Marketing Director Michael led the students to visit the exhibition hall and explained the latest product design concepts to them.





The leaders of each center of the group had face-to-face discussions and exchanges with everyone around job responsibilities, career development, and other aspects, and ultimately 10 students successfully signed contracts. Subsequently, Jeff, the vice president of the group, distributed onboarding offers to the students on site.



The group has maintained friendly cooperative relationships with universities such as Nanjing Forestry University and Yangzhou University, continuously deepening and strengthening school enterprise cooperation, and attaches great importance to talent introduction and training. This campus recruitment graduate visit activity not only solves the employment problem of some graduates, but also helps to cultivate professional talents that meet the needs of enterprises.





Yangchun March

Because you are more beautiful



In the third month of Yangchun, all the good things come as promised, and in the spring breeze, we welcome Women's Day. On this day full of floral fragrance, the group sends the most sincere holiday wishes to the female compatriots, allowing them to feel the warmth and care of the company.



Caring for and caring for female employees has been a cultural tradition of Haitai Olin over the years. Female compatriots are an indispensable and important force for the smooth implementation of various tasks in the group. The group can steadily develop and gradually grow without the hard work and sweat of female compatriots.



A beautiful life, accompanied by Haitai and Oulin, we appreciate their support for the development of the group. We hope that they can continue to carry forward the tradition of "women are not inferior to men", bravely shoulder the burden of society and family, showcase the feminine demeanor of the times, and continue to contribute wisdom and strength to building a happy life and a better future.




Caring for Women's Health

Love 38 Women's Day



On March 9, in order to enhance the health awareness of female employees of the Group and gradually establish a long-term mechanism to maintain women's health, the Group's trade union, together with Gaochun District Maternal and Child Health Hospital, carried out the "national free screening of women's cervical cancer and breast cancer" health examination, and all factory age women received free physical examination, which strengthened everyone's understanding of women's "two cancers" and effectively improved women's sense of gain, happiness and security.



The group's labor union has communicated with the Gaochun District Maternal and Child Health Hospital to determine the "two cancers" screening and physical examination project, and has widely promoted knowledge on the prevention and treatment of common diseases among women. This has enabled employees to understand their own health status, further enhance their awareness of self-care, cultivate a healthy, civilized, and scientific lifestyle, and enable female employees to personally feel the care and care of families.



Group Human Resources Center

Organize new employee onboarding training



To help new employees quickly understand the company's adaptation to the new environment, improve their job performance ability, and enhance their sense of belonging, the Group's Human Resources Center organized a half day onboarding training for new employees. I believe that in their new positions in the future, they will strive to move forward and leave their own footprints on the development stage of Haitai Olin through their own continuous efforts.。




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