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Representatives of Haitai Olin Group attended the Silver Hair Economic Co creation Salon for Chinese Young Entrepreneurs and delivered a keynote speech


On March 19th, the 2023 Annual Meeting of the Young Entrepreneurs Professional Committee of the China Furniture Association was successfully held in Guangzhou.


More than 60 people attended the meeting, including Tu Qi, Secretary General of the World Furniture Federation, Vice President and Secretary General of the Asian Furniture Federation, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of the China Furniture Association, and Director of the Young Entrepreneurs Professional Committee. Chen Yun, Secretary General of the Guangzhou Furniture Industry Association, Wang Xiaozhi, General Manager of the Medical Care Center of Haitai Olin Group, and members of the Young Entrepreneurs Professional Committee.


Tu Qi, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of the China Furniture Association, and Director of the Young Entrepreneurs Professional Committee, delivered a speech at the annual meeting. She pointed out that young entrepreneurs are an important force in the development of the industry, bringing infinite hope to the development of China's furniture industry. Representatives of companies such as Haitai Olin, Zuoyou, and Good Night pursue excellence, actively take action, innovate and develop, promote industry progress, and showcase the positive energy of youth. In the current changing world, everyone should move forward and seize the opportunity, dare to think and act boldly. The China Furniture Association will work together with everyone to move forward and strive for a better future.

This meeting adjusted the organizational structure of the Youth Entrepreneurs Professional Committee, clarified the annual key work, and explored the responsibility of young entrepreneurs in the new era.



At the same time, the conference held a salon for Chinese young entrepreneurs to jointly create a silver haired economy. Wang Xiaozhi, General Manager of the Group Medical Care Center, gave a keynote speech titled "Design and Application of Health Care Furniture under CCRC Mode", detailing the concept, core functional units, and furniture design concepts of continuous care retirement communities. Taking the products of Haitai Olin Group as a practical example, he shared the future development and market prospects of elderly care furniture, and explored dynamic new models and paths for community elderly care.


In the future, Haitai Olin Group will always adhere to the core concept of "one heart, one mind, and the best", further strengthen responsibility, play a leading role in innovative development demonstration, increase the innovative research and development of intelligent elderly furniture products, provide multi-dimensional intelligent elderly care overall space solutions through better technology and services, meet the comprehensive needs of the silver haired population, and contribute to the realization of "elderly care, elderly care".

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