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New Era, New Campus, New City Å ONLEAD Appears at DECIGNS 2023 Education Space Designer Conference




On March 9th, the DECIGNS 2023 Education Space Designer Conference, hosted by BEED Asia, was held in Shenzhen. ONLEAD brings the latest teaching furniture products to the DECIGNS 2023 Education Space Designer Conference, bringing the latest educational space furniture design concepts and solutions, and jointly exploring cutting-edge teaching space design and innovation.



The DECIGNS 2023 Education Space Designers Conference, with the theme of "New Era, New Campus, and New City", gathered numerous industry experts from well-known domestic and foreign universities, education groups, and cutting-edge education space design to comprehensively and deeply explore the current situation and future development of education buildings and learning spaces under the wave of reform and innovation.




The environment nurtures people and moistens things silently

ONLEAD always adheres to the concept of "nurturing people and moistening things silently", providing educational furniture that is green, environmentally friendly, healthy and safe, intelligent technology, and efficient interaction. It builds a smart education community that is conducive to stimulating the enthusiasm of teachers and students for teaching, enhancing teacher-student interaction, enhancing students' thinking and creativity, and cultivating students' character and sentiment. In the selection of high-quality school suppliers in BEED AWARDS 2022, ONLEAD was awarded the title of "High Quality School Innovation Partner" by BEED AWARDS 2022.



Integrating development and nurturing the future together

For many years, ONLEAD has focused on the field of education, jointly exploring new ideas for future campus construction and management with well-known educational institutions at home and abroad, and promoting the development of future campus education space design under the new situation. The educational institutions served include Tsinghua University, Peking University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Fudan University, Sun Yat sen University, South China University of Technology, Tongji University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing International Studies University Affiliated Foreign Language School, Xiamen Huashi Xiping Bilingual School, Shenzhen Senior High School High School, etc.

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