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Leading Time No.08 | Carry out diverse activities to light up the colorful season


Leading Time No.08 | Carry out diverse activities to light up the colorful season

Haitai Olin Group Holds Quality Month Activity

Launch Ceremony and Quality Awareness Training
On May 7th, in order to comprehensively cultivate employees' quality awareness, build a corporate production culture of "everyone learning quality, everyone doing quality", enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise market, and further promote high-quality development of the enterprise, Haitai Olin Group held a launching ceremony for the Quality Month activity and carried out a series of "Quality Special Month" activities.

Empowerment training
The first course of the empowerment training was brought by Hua Yang, the senior quality control manager of the group, to "Quality Awareness Training in Team Management". Through vivid explanations and analysis of the importance of quality awareness in quality management, everyone had a deeper understanding and understanding of quality awareness, firmly establishing a strong sense of quality first.

Swearing in ceremony
Senior production manager Liu Jiaxiu of the group led everyone to take a collective oath and make a solemn commitment. The swearing in ceremony marked the beginning of the Quality Month event, creating a positive atmosphere of "everyone values quality" and turning the "passion" for quality into "action".

This quality month activity will be carried out from four aspects: atmosphere creation, empowerment training, project improvement, and continuous quality improvement. The group will conduct special inspections on the quality of key parts, processes, and indicators based on actual conditions. Through empowerment training and special content evaluation, we will further focus on quality month activities, enhance employees' quality awareness, improve quality control levels, continuously promote quality improvement, and promote the high-quality development of the group.
Haitai Olin Group
2023 Campus Lecture Conference
Recently, Haitai Olin Group held the 2023 campus promotion event, and the campus promotion team went to university campuses to promote the Haitai Olin Group's 2023 campus recruitment plan.
·Nanjing Forestry University Special Session
On May 10th, the 2023 Campus Lecture Conference of Haitai Olin Group, titled "Jointly Building the Future with Nanlin", was held in the 530 Lecture Hall of the College Student Activity Center at the Xinzhuang Campus of Nanjing Forestry University.

At the presentation, the campus presentation team presented the overall situation of the group, enhancing students' understanding of the enterprise

Group President Li Ning gave a corporate presentation and provided a detailed explanation of the group's development overview, cultural concepts, and future development plans to the students. The person in charge of the group's human resources center gave a talent development and training presentation, focusing on explaining the group's talent philosophy, promotion system, training plan, and campus recruitment policy.

Group President Li Ning gave a corporate presentation

Talent development and training promotion

The employment experience sharing of alumni from Nanlin University and the workplace experience sharing of group branch leaders have provided students with a clearer understanding of the group's team culture and their career prospects. In the interactive section, the campus promotion team communicated with classmates on the development prospects of the enterprise, personal development channels, and details of the school recruitment process. After the lecture, the group collected the resumes of the students on site.
·Anhui Agricultural University Special Session
On May 12th, the group's campus propaganda team walked into the School of Forestry and Landscape Architecture of Anhui Agricultural University to carry out a school enterprise exchange activity. The Annong Special Session of the 2023 Campus Lecture of Haitai Olin Group was held in the specialized classroom for graduates of Anhui Agricultural University.

Lu Xiaobiao, Vice Dean of the School of Forestry and Landscape Architecture at Anhui Agricultural University, Zhang Longwa, Vice Dean, Guo Yong, Director of the Department of Forestry Industry, Zhang Shuangyan, Deputy Director of the Department of Forestry Industry, Lv Huangfei, Member of the Party Branch Organization Committee of the Department of Forestry Industry, and other leaders of the college (department), as well as the head of the Enrollment and Employment Office, attended the symposium.

During the symposium, both parties engaged in communication and exchange around enterprise employment policies, talent cultivation models, practical training, school enterprise cooperation, and other aspects. Wang Hua, the general manager of the Hefei branch of the group, has been appointed as an off campus practical supervisor for the Wood Science and Engineering major at the School of Forestry and Landscape Architecture, Anhui Agricultural University.

Corporate Presentation

Talent development and training promotion

The campus presentation team introduced the overall overview, corporate culture concept, career development direction, personnel needs, salary and benefits, and recruitment process of the group to students through enterprise presentations, drainage plans, face-to-face communication, and other links. They promptly and accurately answered students' doubts, enabling them to have a clearer positioning of their future career direction. After the lecture, a written test will be conducted on-site and students' resumes will be collected.
The 2023 Campus Lecture Conference of Haitai Olin Group is an important measure for the group to deepen cooperation between schools and enterprises, achieve joint training of high-quality talents by schools and enterprises, and assist in the high-quality development of education. I hope that ambitious, compassionate, and ambitious college students can join Haitai Olin, realizing the value of life with their youthful struggles and creating a better future together.
The 2nd "Haitai Olin Cup"
Opening of the Basketball Games
On May 9, in order to strengthen the construction of corporate culture, enrich employees' amateur cultural life, enhance team cohesion and centripetal force, and build a cultural atmosphere of solidarity, mutual assistance and hard work, Haitai Oulin Group held the second "Haitai Oulin Cup" basketball games.

There are 8 teams participating in this basketball game, including the Brothers League team, Overtaking team, Mamba team, Chengfeng team, Seagull team, and Raptors team. The members of each representative team are energetic and heroic, showcasing the spirit and style of the Haitian Olympians, who are full of fighting spirit, love life, and love sports.
Opening Speech
Group President Li Ning delivered a speech at this basketball game, acknowledging its progress and placing encouragement and expectations on the participating teams.

Judges and athletes swear
The basketball referee Xue Kuijun and athlete representative Huang Wei took the oath, promising to create a style, level, and friendship through the game.

Opening competition
The opening match of the "Haitai Olin Cup" basketball game surpassed the team VS the Mamba team, with passion and vitality, winning cheers from the audience off the field, fully demonstrating the team spirit of the group's athletes to unite and strive for excellence.

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