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HT Group was awarded again
5 industry awards including "2023 Top Ten Leading Enterprises of Furniture Suppliers"

In the 2023 13th Furniture Bidding and Procurement Evaluation and Promotion Activity, Haitai Olin Group won 5 industry awards, including "2023 Top 10 Leading Furniture Suppliers, 2023 Top 10 Green Office Furniture Brands, 2023 Top 10 Leading Brands of Office Furniture, 2023 Top 10 Leading Brands of School Furniture, and 2023 Top 10 Leading Brands of Hospital Furniture". This is not only a full affirmation of the company's excellent quality and quality service, but also a recognition of its strong comprehensive strength and leading position in the industry.





The 13th Furniture Bidding and Procurement Evaluation and Promotion Activity 2023 is jointly organized by China Procurement and Bidding Network and China Famous Enterprise Ranking Network, and has become the vane of furniture bidding and procurement in various industries with its professionalism and influence. Hitai Olin Group stood out from hundreds of companies and won industry awards for its outstanding bidding performance.

· Based on the high-end market, create green environmental protection and high-quality products
Based on the high-end market, Haitai Olin Group is engaged in the research and development and manufacturing of intelligent office and smart medical care, teaching and research, hotel apartment furniture, and provides customers with overall solutions for commercial space.
The Group has won the "Top Ten Leading Brands of Office Furniture in China" for many consecutive years, and has been rated as "Top 200 Chinese Light Industry Enterprises", "Top 100 Chinese Light Industry Science and Technology Innovation Enterprises", "Top 10 Enterprises in China's Light Industry Furniture Industry" and other industry awards. Behind the honor is the unremitting pursuit of the quality concept of "craftsman's ingenuity and excellence" and the environmental protection concept of "green, low-carbon, healthy and aldehyde-free".

Green quality, environmental protection and low carbon are the current development trend of the furniture industry, and it is also the road to product quality upgrading. In 2022, Haitai Olin Group will start the upgrade of the "aldehyde-free strategy", take the lead in introducing the aldehyde-free concept in the field of commercial space, actively advocate the green, healthy and aldehyde-free environmental concept and strategic layout, and promote a healthy office lifestyle.


Since its establishment, the Group has always put the goal of creating green, healthy, comfortable and high-quality furniture in the first place. Select high-quality materials around the world, select forest certified (FSC) wood, and launch ENF grade aldehyde-free board, adopt environmentally friendly coatings, use green manufacturing technology, and implement strict whole-process quality control to create green, low-carbon, intelligent technology, healthy and comfortable commercial furniture boutiques.

· Enjoy zero aldehyde to create a healthy workplace
As one of the leading enterprises in the furniture industry, Haitai Olin Group takes "creating a better office life" as its own responsibility, builds a new business space with the "aldehyde-free concept" as the core, and brings customers the ultimate healthy office experience. The group launched a series of green aldehyde-free board products, providing customers with overall space solutions through professional space design and becoming an expert in the field of commercial space.



After 27 years of business precipitation, HT Group has customers from all walks of life. The Group has successfully provided one-stop business space solutions for many Fortune 500 and China Fortune 500 enterprises such as Siemens, Coca-Cola, DuPont, ABB, Sinopec, Bank of China, China Southern Power Grid, Poly, Yili, Alibaba, Tencent, Xiaomi, etc., and has also become a furniture supplier for many party and government agencies and institutions


The group has established a global sales and service system, with a sales and service network covering more than 150 cities around the world. Haitai Olin Group has such a huge customer base and is favored by various industry giants, because the company has been practicing the concept of green and low-carbon and leading the new trend of healthy office.

· Innovative design promotes development Medical furniture and school furniture honor double harvest
Haitai Olin Group adheres to the concept of innovation-driven development, vigorously strengthens technology research and development and innovative design, establishes the Smart Health Home Research Institute, builds a CNAS accredited laboratory, and forms significant technical advantages in the industry through continuous independent research and development and transformation of technological achievements, with a total of more than 900 patents with independent intellectual property rights.
The Group has been rated as a national industrial design center, Jiangsu enterprise technology center, Jiangsu engineering technology research center, Jiangsu "specialized, specialized and new" small giant enterprise, and was rated as "13th Five-Year Plan China Light Industry Science and Technology Innovation Advanced Collective" and "2022 China Light Industry Digital Transformation Advanced Unit" by China Light Industry Federation.




With the development of the furniture industry, the Group has intervened in the R&D and production of medical furniture, and has become one of the manufacturers specializing in the R&D and manufacturing of medical furniture with its leading R&D strength. The group introduces the concept of 3H (Hospital, Home, Hotel), perfectly combines "hospital care, home warmth and hotel comfort", and develops a series of intelligent medical furniture products that integrate the needs of doctors, nurses and patients, so as to create a safe, comfortable and warm diagnosis and treatment environment for medical staff and patients.
At present, the Group has become a supplier of medical furniture for third-class hospitals such as Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital, Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital, Changsha Xiangya Hospital, Fujian Provincial Children's Hospital, Guangzhou First People's Hospital, and the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University.




In recent years, driven by industry policies, educational furniture has ushered in great development. The Group closely follows the market trend, focuses on the field of educational furniture, implements the concept of "environmental education, moisturizing things silently", provides a series of green environmental protection, health and safety, intelligent technology, efficient interactive educational furniture, and is committed to building a smart education community that stimulates the enthusiasm of teachers and students for teaching, enhances the interaction between teachers and students, enhances students' thinking and creativity, and cultivates students' character and sentiment.

The educational institutions served by the Group include Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University, Sun Yat-sen University, South China University of Technology, Tongji University, China Academy of Art, and the Foreign Language School Affiliated to Beijing Foreign Chinese University.



Facing the future, Haitai Olin Group adheres to the core concept of "one heart and one virtue, perfection", takes "creating a better office life" as its corporate mission, strives hard, bravely stands at the forefront of the tide, leads innovation, and strives to become a well-respected leader in the commercial furniture industry.

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