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Leading Moment No.10 | Colorful June


  Haitai Oulin Group and Gaochun District

  Donation Ceremony of Qiqiao Central Health Center

  On June 8, the donation ceremony between Haitai Oulin Group and Qiqiao Center Hospital in Gaochun District of Nanjing was successfully held at the group headquarters. Shi Ailong, Vice President of Qiqiao Center Hospital in Gaochun District, Zhu Ziming, Office Director, Kong Xiehui, Chief of Information Section, Wang Xiaozhi, General Manager of the Group Medical Center and other leaders attended the event.



  In order to give back to the society and fulfill corporate social responsibility, the Group donated a batch of medical furniture to the Qiqiao Central Hospital in Gaochun District, Nanjing, to create a good medical environment for the masses and improve the medical experience of patients. In addition, the Group is also investing more resources in addressing public health challenges, improving the medical environment and other aspects, supporting the construction of local public health system, and helping Gaochun District to develop high-quality medical services.



  As a leading professional medical furniture research and development and manufacturing enterprise in China, the group not only continues to increase investment in research and innovation, but also practices social responsibility through practical actions. In the future, the group will continue to shoulder corporate responsibilities and responsibilities in the new era, continuously innovate and improve diagnostic and treatment space solutions, promote more advanced medical furniture and services to benefit people's livelihoods, and enhance the health and well-being of the Chinese people.


  Teachers and students of Nanjing Electromechanical Vocational and Technical College

  Visit and exchange with Linhai Taihuolin Group

  On June 3rd, teachers and students from Nanjing Electromechanical Vocational and Technical College visited Haitai Olin Group for a visit and exchange, and signed a tripartite internship agreement with the group.



  On behalf of the group, Tian Rongna, the person in charge of the Human Resources Center of the group, welcomed the arrival of teachers and students from Nanjing Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.



  Huang Wei, the head of the warehousing department of the East China Business Unit of the group and an alumnus of Nanjing Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, shared his work experience.



  The group HR signed a tripartite agreement with interns from Nanjing Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering for a one-on-one internship.



  In recent years, the group has carried out various forms of communication and cooperation with Nanjing Electromechanical Vocational and Technical College. The two sides have further deepened the cooperation between industry, academia, and research, built and utilized the "industry talent integration" practice base and other industry education integration platforms, and conducted in-depth cooperation in talent cultivation, technological innovation, employment and entrepreneurship, promoting the formation of a joint education mechanism that integrates industry education, school enterprise cooperation, and engineering learning, and cultivating high-quality technical and skilled talents, Promote high-quality development of the furniture industry.


  Collaborative growth of national health

  The 2nd "Haitai Olin Cup" Basketball Games Successfully Ends

  On June 9th, the second "Haitai Olin Cup" basketball games concluded successfully.

  In the final, the Chaoyue team successfully won the championship of this basketball games, the fraternity league team won the runner up, and the Chengfeng team won the third place. At the end of the competition, an award ceremony was held.



  Champion surpassing team



  Second place fraternity league team



  Third Runner Riding Wind Team

  Wonderful Playback of Basketball Games

  On the basketball court, each participating team member cooperates and actively strives to enhance communication, and strives to achieve good results. They dedicate passionate and energetic games, showcasing the spirit of unity and perseverance among the group's employees.













  This basketball game provides a platform for employees to show themselves, compete and cooperate, fully demonstrating the vitality of the group's employees, not only enhancing team cohesion and Centripetal force force, but also improving the enthusiasm of employees for life and work.

  The group adheres to the core concept of "one heart, one mind, and perfection". Through organizing a series of basketball competitions, we hope that everyone will have a stronger physique, more passion, be fearless of challenges, unite and cooperate, explore and innovate, and progress and grow together with the group.


  Group representative team participation

  The First Employee Fun Games of the Guangzhou Furniture Industry Federation of Trade Unions

  On June 9th, the first "Summer Gathering and Splashing Youth" employee fun sports meet organized by the Guangzhou Furniture Industry Trade Union Federation was successfully held at the Guangzhou Lesheng (Chinese Sports) Sports Center. Representatives from each member unit of the Guangzhou Furniture Industry Trade Union Federation Committee, totaling 6 teams, with over 50 people participating in the competition. The representative team of Haitai Olin Group won the second place in the sports meet.



  The competition is tense, intense, and the atmosphere is cheerful and joyful









  The entire competition process is full of fun and challenge, including the World Cup, land curling Each game project is not only a competition between wisdom and physical strength, but also a test of team cohesion. The participating members of the Haitai Olin Group representative team devote themselves to every game with full passion and give their all.





  The group actively organizes enterprise employees to participate in various activities organized by the Guangzhou Furniture Industry Federation of Trade Unions, enhancing communication and exchange with various committee units. This employee fun sports meet not only enriches the cultural life of the majority of employees, but also further enhances the cohesion of the members of the Workers' Federation.


  Creating Dreams and Drawing Excitement

  The selection results of the second "ONLEAD Cup" Children's Painting Competition are announced




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