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Innovation Leading, Building a Better Together | ONLEAD Appears at the CHCC2023 National Hospital Construction Conference




  On June 17-19, the 24th National Hospital Construction Conference and International Hospital Construction, Equipment and Management Exhibition of CHCC2023 were grandly held in Chengdu West China International Expo City. ONLEAD presented the latest medical furniture products and a new health and healing space plan at the National Hospital Construction Conference, leading the innovation of healing spaces.




 Innovation leads and builds a better future together

ONLEAD offers a diverse range of medical furniture with freedom and flexibility

Green and environmentally friendly quick installation partition system

Integrated design of architecture, interior, and furniture

Creating a professional, healthy and comfortable modern chemotherapy healing space

  Innovation in Health Healing Space

  Modular assembly and assembly construction

  ONLEAD is guided by spatial innovation, restructuring and upgrading spatial solutions from modular assembly and prefabricated construction, creating a professional, efficient, green, and environmentally friendly medical space, providing patients and medical staff with a comfortable and relaxed new experience.





  Creating a New Experience in Healing Environment

  Enhancing patient experience and improving healthcare work environment

  The ONLEAD principle of "patient-centered" utilizes CMF design techniques to create a warm, comfortable, safe, and efficient medical space shared by doctors and patients in all aspects, creating a new healing experience.






















  In the era of beautiful hospital construction, as a professional medical furniture research and development and manufacturing enterprise in China and a one-stop medical furniture solution supplier, ONLEAD closely follows the pace of high-quality construction of hospitals in the new era. With the concept of green and sustainable development, it constructs a people-oriented, flexible, and diversified health treatment space through new technologies, materials, processes, and applications, empowering the construction of beautiful hospitals and high-quality development.

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