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Hosted by the Heitai Olin Group

2023 Spark talent training camp


On June 27, in accordance with the strategic deployment of "Haitai Olin Group Spark Talent Plan", in order to help Spark talent integrate into the enterprise and change roles, and enhance team cohesion and centripetal force, the Group held a three-day Haitai Olin Group Spark talent training camp.



The Group attaches great importance to talent recruitment and training, and has conducted in-depth cooperation with major undergraduate colleges and universities to achieve large-scale strategic campus recruitment. In order to strengthen the training of the Group's talent team and innovate the talent training model, the Group opened the "Spark Talent Program" with the training of outstanding fresh graduates as the core, and officially opened the door of 2023 management trainees.

Tian Rongna, head of the human resources Department of the group, had a preliminary meeting and exchange with Spark talents, and warmly welcomed the new family, hoping that everyone can adapt to the role change from students to professionals as soon as possible, starting from joining Haitai Olin Group, down to earth, maintain learning and grow together.



When we first met, the HR department planned a special session - write a letter. In this fast-paced era, settle down, write a letter to yourself, or to the company, and witness your metamorphosis with time.




In the next three days, through a series of training and learning such as corporate culture courses and professional courses, Haitai Olin Group Spark Talent Training Camp enhanced the sense of honor, responsibility and mission of the 2023 Spark talent team, enhanced communication and communication between each other, and initially completed the role transformation from students to professionals. It also laid the foundation for the follow-up personalized tutor arrangement, job rotation learning and work development.









Haitai Olin Group has always attached importance to the introduction and training of young talents, focusing on young talents as an important reserve talent of the company, and constantly saving strength for the development of the enterprise. Haitai Olin Group Spark Talent training camp strives to provide the most practical induction training and the most valuable induction guidance for every Spark talent, helping everyone quickly integrate into the collective, smoothly enter the role, realize their own value in the job as soon as possible, inject new energy for enterprise innovation and development, and help the group to develop with high quality.



Haitai Olin Group Jiangsu Engineering Technology Research center

Pass the acceptance smoothly


On July 5, a team of experts from Nanjing Science and Technology Bureau visited the headquarters of Haitai Olin Group and accepted the "Jiangsu Province New intelligent Furniture Engineering Technology Research Center" built by Haitai Olin Group. Group Vice President Jeff, Vice president and general manager of R & D center Lin Yixin, R & D center director Liu Junsong and other relevant leaders of the group participated in the acceptance report.


Nanjing Science and Technology Bureau expert group visited the group's product exhibition hall and pilot base to understand the construction of the engineering center and technological innovation results in detail.




Liu Junsong, director of the Research and Development Center of the Group, made a construction summary report, focusing on the construction and development of the "Jiangsu Province New intelligent furniture engineering technology Research Center", the direction and content of research and development, internal construction and operation management, as well as the landmark achievements and impact.



On the basis of listening to the acceptance report of the engineering center, the expert group reviewed the relevant information, and after questioning, review and discussion, it was concluded that the engineering center had completed the specified construction tasks and unanimously agreed to pass the acceptance. The expert group spoke highly of the achievements achieved by the engineering center, and put forward valuable suggestions on the follow-up development of the engineering center, and encouraged the engineering Center to make continuous efforts towards the goal of the National Engineering Technology Center.



Relying on Haitai Olin Group, the "Jiangsu New intelligent Furniture Engineering Technology Research Center" will accelerate the development needs of the furniture industry in the new era, actively build a science and technology platform to promote engineering and technology innovation, continue to provide mature supporting technologies, processes and products, and constantly train independent innovative talents to promote the technical level of the furniture industry and scientific and technological progress. To promote the high-quality development of furniture industry in Jiangsu Province.




Hytaolin Group

Carry out the "Safe production Month" activity


June this year is the 22nd "Safe Production Month" nationwide. The theme of this year's event is "Everyone speaks safety, everyone will respond to emergencies". In order to implement the strengthening of the main responsibility of safety and consolidate the solid foundation of the group's safety production defense line, Haitai Olin Group carried out the "safety production Month" activities through various forms, further singing the theme of life first, gathering a consensus on safety development, and practicing the main responsibility of the enterprise.

01 /

Organize the viewing of hidden dangers and warning educational films, and publicize the "Jiangsu Province Safety Production Regulations"


02 /

Organize fire safety knowledge training and fire emergency drill








03 /

Carry out large-scale inspections of production safety of facilities and equipment, and comprehensively investigate potential risks




The "Safety production Month" activity is a microcosm of safety production work, a test of daily safety production management, and a new starting line for safety management work. The group has always carried the responsibility of practicing the main body of enterprise safety production on its shoulders, continued to carry out a series of activities of "safety production Month", effectively enhance the safety awareness of the Group's employees, improve the emergency response ability of employees, constantly consolidate the foundation of safety production, and ensure the high-quality development of enterprises with a high level of safety.



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