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Leading Moment No.15 | Summer Delivery with Cool Care


A delegation led by the Research Group of the United Front Work Department of the Jiangsu Provincial Committee Visiting and guiding Linhai Taihuolin Group


On August 9th, the research group of the United Front Work Department of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee visited the Linhai Taihuolin Group for research and inspection. Group Chairman Ye Yongzhen and Marketing Director Zhao Linfei warmly received.

The research team listened to the introduction of the development situation of the enterprise and conducted in-depth exchanges around the high-quality development of the enterprise, such as "specialization, refinement, innovation, and innovation". Accompanied by the leaders of the group, the research team visited the group's product exhibition hall to gain an on-site understanding of the group's technological innovation, intelligent manufacturing, digital reform, and other aspects.

The research team praised the group's exploration and practice in green and low-carbon development, digital transformation and upgrading, as well as its diversified and intelligent innovative research and development achievements. In the future, the group will always adhere to the innovation driven development strategy, continue to conduct independent research and technological achievements, maintain a leading advantage in the industry, and make greater contributions to the high-quality development of the regional economy.



Student of the 2023 Comprehensive Ability Improvement Class for Young Cadres in Dangyang City Visiting the Central China Base of the Group for Investigation and Research


On August 17th, students from the 2023 Young Cadre Comprehensive Ability Improvement Class in Dangyang City visited the Group's Central China Base for investigation and research. Chen Guangsheng, the person in charge of the Central China Base of Haitai Olin Group, accompanied the group to explain.

Chen Guangsheng first warmly welcomed the arrival of the inspection team and focused on introducing the basic overview, park construction, future vision planning, and other development situations of the group's Central China Base.

During the research, the inspection team went deep into the production workshop of the group's central China base to conduct on-site inspections of intelligent manufacturing, green and low-carbon development, and closely observe the innovative applications of automation, intelligent production lines, intelligent logistics, industrial internet and other cutting-edge technologies in the group's central China base.

As a demonstration base for new intelligent manufacturing and a key development enterprise in the green home industry, the Central China Base of the Group is not only strongly supported by the government, but also shoulders the responsibility of achieving digital transformation and upgrading, promoting high-quality regional development, and playing a demonstration and leading role in the development of the intelligent manufacturing industry in the park, making greater contributions to the high-quality development of the industry.



Dongbao District Fire Rescue Brigade Arrives at the Group's Central China Base Conduct fire safety inspections


On August 8th, Li Pengcheng, the squad leader of the Xintai Road Fire Rescue Station of the Dongbao District Fire Rescue Brigade, led a team to conduct a fire safety inspection at the group's Huazhong Base.

The training team went deep into the Central China Base Park of the group to inspect and familiarize themselves with the park's scale, building structure, key areas, safety evacuation exits, as well as the functional operation and methods of fixed firefighting facilities such as fire hydrants, fire alarm systems, and fire control rooms. They also learned about the internal firefighting organization construction, firefighting plan development, emergency evacuation methods, and precautions within the base.

This fire safety inspection activity serves as a new beginning, further strengthening the interaction between consumers and enterprises, and providing more professional guidance for the group's fire safety management work.



Li Shibao, Director of Dongbao District Finance Bureau, and his delegation

Visiting the Central China Base of the Group to Send a Refresher


On August 8th, Li Shibao, Director of the Finance Bureau of Dongbao District, and his delegation visited the group's Huazhong base to carry out a summer cooling activity, delivering heatstroke prevention and cooling materials to frontline production employees, and visiting to understand the production and operation of the base, as well as summer safety production. Chen Guangsheng, the person in charge of the Huazhong base of Haitai Olin Group, warmly received the reception.

Subsequently, Chen Guangsheng went to the production workshop to send cool air to the frontline employees, conveying the care, care, and concern of the district leaders towards the employees to their hearts. He also urged everyone to pay attention to timely replenishment of water, pay equal attention to daily work and heatstroke prevention work, and meet the challenge of high temperatures with a good mental state.

The greetings and care from the leaders gave confidence and encouragement to the employees. The on-site employees expressed gratitude to the leaders of Dongbao District and the company for their care, and will continue to maintain a spirit of hard work and overcome the high temperature weather. On the premise of ensuring their own safety, they will successfully complete all production tasks and live up to the expectations of the leaders for them.



Development Zone Federation of Trade Unions Condolences to frontline employees


On August 16th, a delegation led by the Gaochun Economic Development Zone Federation of Trade Unions visited the frontline employees of Linhai Taihuolin Group to offer condolences.

The care of the leaders of the Development Zone Federation of Trade Unions has brought a hint of "coolness" to the frontline employees of the enterprise, which has greatly inspired them. They have expressed that they will stick to their positions, spare no effort to do a good job in all aspects, and contribute to the production, operation, and sustainable development of the enterprise, and promote the high-quality development of Gaochun.

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