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Hainan Puli Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Project Name: Hainan Puli Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Service Team: Hangzhou Olinghai Titanium
Project area: about 6000 m
Project Products: Berg Series, Parker Series, Bocres Conference Table, Egger Training Table
Project Address: Linping District, Hangzhou
Completion date: March 2018
Hainan Puli Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992 as a pioneer enterprise in the internationalization of pharmaceutical preparations in China. It specializes in slow-controlled drug release technology, masking agent technology and insoluble injection technology. It has accumulated abundant product lines in many fields such as anti-allergy, pediatrics, antipyretic and analgesic, and has nurtured well-known domestic brands such as "Fubiding" and "Novodin".
Puli Pharmaceutical Hangzhou Linping's new office and R&D space,
By the Haitai Group Hangzhou team throughout the whole process of building.
Natural, clear and comfortable office environment.
Simple, personality, fashionable design style,
Create a healthy, natural and pleasant way of working for employees.

Grass green, dotted in every corner of the work area,
On the table and in the carpet, it is interesting to see the green turnip and other plants.
Spring's vitality and freshness are coming.
Dawn white, as the main tone of the whole space,
In the harmony of green, red, blue, yellow and other small jump colors, there is a little more liveliness in the penetration.
It mobilizes the staff's working thinking and enthusiasm.
It also complements the identity and attributes of Puli Pharmaceutical Doctor.
Berg series workstations, executive desks and conference tables, to create a one-stop high-quality office experience for Puli employees.
Rigorous appearance, enriching the function of human nature,
Whether it's focus on work, decision-making, or communication,
Here, the Berg series is the best assistant for your work.
The Puli people are committed to bringing healthy life to their people.
We also strive to create a healthy office life for Puli employees.
Bionic Parker, Lifting Cassette...
Following rigorous ergonomic design,
Sitting or standing, can improve the quality of office life to a more ideal height.
Bright and elegant high-end conference space,
In order to discuss and communicate with each other, an excellent interactive environment has been established.
Customized conference tables create an efficient meeting experience.
All kinds of negotiation and small space for leisure.
Simple but tasteful design, so that the work mood more relaxed.
Free and efficient collaboration, from here on.
Puze the world, benefit in health.
Healthy life, happy office, let the dream come true here.
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