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Shandong Ruyi Wool Textile Garment Group Co., Ltd.

Project Name: Shandong Ruyi Wool Textile Garment Group Co., Ltd.
Project City: Jining, Shandong Province
Service Team: Beijing Olin
Project area: 71000 square meters
Project Products: Diamond Series, Leisure Products, Customized Products
Completion date: October 2017
As you wish, reconstruct today's fashion model
From March 2016 to February 2018, in less than two years, Ruyi's overseas fashion map has been continuously adding code, completing five heavyweight acquisitions, with a cumulative transaction value of more than $4 billion.
Shandong Ruyi Wool Textile Garment Group Co., Ltd.
Ruyi woolen, a name full of Chinese traditional charm,
Nowadays, with the rapid speed, it is well known in the international fashion world.
French SMCP Group, British windbreaker brand Aquascutum, Swiss luxury brand Bally...
Ruyi continued to acquire internationally renowned fashion brands, footprint throughout the world's major fashion capitals, eye-catching achievements.
Ruyi woolen textile, a national brand that rises perfectly by strength and action.
Ruyi woolen textile, about clothing, about warmth, about fashion.
It inherits the essence of Confucian culture and advocates people-oriented.
Adhering to the warm mission of creating clothes for human beings and seeking welfare for employees,
Committed to the world textile beauty and charm of today's fashion model.
Headway Group has high-end design and elegant taste.
It combines fashion with tradition and superimposes color and form skillfully.
Create a new office space with elegance, chic and warm flowing everywhere for Ruyi wool spinning.
If fashion is a taste, then office is an attitude.
Taste and attitude blend in an elegant way in the workspace of Ruyi wool spinning.
Sunlight shines through the landing glass windows, like brand fabrics, making people enjoy warmth.
Elegant and fashionable colors, soft and comfortable fabrics.
It is used on tables and screens, sofas, leisure chairs and carpets.
Just like the fashion style designed by the international fashion brands.
Elegance, uniqueness and individuality are all full of splendor.
High-end customization has long been a luxury enjoyment in the fashion industry.
Nowadays, we also enjoy the exclusive high-level customization services provided by Haitai in the woolen textile industry.
Wave-like Diamond Workstation, as soft as clothing wool,
Desktop design is like a cassette stage with exquisite Paisley pattern.
Customized conference table with round and delicate corner design...
Every space, every detail, has become a yardstick for expressing fashion attitude in woolen textiles.
Here, the endless office style and office culture are wonderfully colliding with each other -
Open, private; focused, casual;
Easy, rigorous; personal, group...
Free with sex, release the true self;
Communication is boundless and creativity is boundless.
Such an office space with emphasis on communication and full of human nature design,
It will further promote Ruyi woolen textile to enter the international fashion hall.
Let's wait and see.
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