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Yingna Holding Group

Project Name: Yingna Holding Group
Project City: Hangzhou
Service team: Hangzhou Olin Hai Titanium
Project area: 6000 square meters
Project products: Caralban, SEG conference table, Snow executive table, Snow work position
Completion time: April 2018
Winner Holdings is a comprehensive science and technology group company, which is driven by big financial data, supported by technology research and development and recognized by national high-tech enterprises. The group's founding team and core management team are all from Alibaba, the world-renowned third-party financial institutions, investment and risk management institutions, and so on. They are called Xiao Ali in the field of Zhejiang Internet Finance.
Here, find interesting souls.
Good looks are the same.
Interesting souls are one in a hundred.
Walk into the new office space of Inner Group.
It will make you dazzled and dazzled.
Originally, the financial office space that pays attention to data analysis can also be so fashionable and interesting.
Here, every design expresses the unique personality charm of the enterprise.
The communication area of Yingna Group shows that the enterprise pays attention to the fresh activity of communication culture.
Blue, orange, yellow, three-color family (Home) modelling high compartment, full of vitality and sense of belonging,
Proper use of color makes space more existential.
Dialogue-box writing wall whiteboard is both interesting and practical.
Choose a room to start a communication journey that belongs to your brain.
From industrial smallpox to neat and fresh Snow workstations,
The orange and blue lines break the traditional line design of the ground or wall.
Spacious and transparent ripples embellished with dots of color,
Clean and neat space under the table shows the fashion and simplicity of Snow workstation perfectly.
Like a beautiful Swan Lake dance song singing in Yinner.
Natural light shines through the spacious and bright floor windows in the executive office area.
The vicissitudes of the city and the ups and downs of the market seem to be approaching us in an inadvertent turn.
Whether it is the thinking of stratagem or the decision-making of judging the situation.
Or in the busy and leisure of the extreme vision;
Here, work has become a part of life, work + life has become a new starting point.
In the stately conference room, the solid wood and wrapping decorative wall perfectly echoes the carpet similar to the meticulous mind map, and the fashionable and unstable Randy conference table quietly awaits the style of the wise man who wins thousands of miles one after another.
The training space is designed and decorated with sound-absorbing wall, circular ceiling and lighting, which are composed of artistic patterns.
E-series training desk is more flexible, mobile and free combination, making the whole space more interesting.
You'll find that attending a training session can also be enjoyable.
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