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Longhu Group + Longhui Jing Company

Project Name: Longhu Group + Longhui Jing Company
Project City: Chaoyang District, Beijing
Project area: 10000 square meters
Project Products: Lever Series, Square Series, Chris Conference Table, Lance Administrative Table, Unai Sofa, Camille Leisure Chair, etc.
Service Team: Beijing Haitai Olind
Completion time: October 2017
Longhu Group was founded in Chongqing in 1993 and developed nationwide. Its business covers real estate development, commercial operation, property services, long-term rental apartments and other fields. Adhering to the management concept of "treat you kindly all your life", Longhu has won respect and praise from all walks of life for its high-quality products and services. For five consecutive years, Longhu has won "Top Ten Comprehensive Strength of China's Real Estate Development Enterprises". It has been selected as "Top 50 Best Listed Companies in Forbes Asia-Pacific Region" for many times. In 2017, Longhu has become an all-investment private housing enterprise both at home and
In the project of image upgrade of Longhu Group headquarters and Longhu Jing Company, Haitai Group, as its only furniture supplier, uses humanized furniture collocation and design space with fashion taste to help it achieve beautiful transformation, which not only integrates with the overall decoration style, but also highlights the unique personality charm of each space.
for you forever。
Into the office of Longhu Group and Beijing Company, full of vitality and agility come naturally.
You will have a deeper understanding of the meaning of this advertisement.
The headquarters of Longhu Group and Beijing Company are both adjacent and independent, and they adopt multi-layer design respectively.
Headquarters design is mainly about space function and improving work efficiency.
Beijing company pays attention to space sharing and adopts flexible division of space.
Through the large ladder design, let the upper and lower floors connect as one, staff communication is more convenient and smooth.
The spacious ladder area design can be used not only as a place for training and communication, but also as a place for recreation and relaxation. Employees are in the Free Work state to better engage in work and improve themselves.
The design of Longhubei Jing Company is flexible and flexible, which combines different scenarios to create a variety of office space.
The large staircase area on the south side integrates the upper shared workspace, tea break bar area, reading area and gym on the lower side to create a shared leisure office mode.
Fashionable and comfortable recreational seats, wooden furniture and the surrounding green plant perfect integration, so that the whole space appears to be vibrant.
In such a space with modern design sense and close connection with natural environment,
A variety of green plants, log structural elements and artificial natural landscape can be seen everywhere.
It makes people feel as if they are in a refreshing and pleasant indoor oxygen bar, breaking away from the yoke of boring work.
Make office a pleasure.
Longhu Group has created a broad vision for employees in limited space and created a comfortable and relaxed personal working environment.
Sound-absorbing panel screen, storage box on the table, knee-friendly design of the retractable middle foot... The simple and practical Lever workstation transforms every square of the headquarters space of Longhu Group into a landscape.
The working area of Longhubei Jing Company is composed of project team, which adopts SG shared workstation and is divided into fixed and mobile workstations. When the project team has more staff, it can increase the number of office positions at any time. Such a design can greatly improve work efficiency and office happiness.
Longhu Group + Longhui Jing Company
Communications, meetings and exchanges have become the natural state of modern office. Many meeting rooms are distributed in various spaces and connected with the staff area in series. As long as you need, you can always come to an interactive meeting.
Small-scale negotiation space is set in every corner randomly according to the nature, and is integrated with the surrounding environment.
Efficient and convenient intelligent storage cabinet, file cabinet, dense cabinet, etc., not only meets the massive storage needs, realizes cabinet reservation, intelligent distribution, data statistics and synchronization and other office storage modes, but also makes the whole office space look more neat and beautiful.
In this project cooperation process, we deeply feel that Longhu Group is an efficient and rigorous excellent team. Be kind to your work, employees and your life. In such office space, you don't want to have an encounter that can recall your whole life?
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