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Financial Street Finance Center

Financial Street Finance Scenic Center Project Name: Financial Street Finance Scenic Center
Project City: Chongqing
Service Team: Chongqing Haitaiyuefan
Project area: 1500 square meters
Project Products: Parker Series, Lever Series, Ajie Series, Square Series, Mays Series, Leisure Sofa Tea Table, etc.
Completion date: May 2018
Office & Home, merge into one
Finance Street Finance Scenic Center is located in the core area of Jiangbei District in downtown Chongqing. It is designed by GENSLER, the world's first architectural design company, and is positioned as Grade 5A office building. The project focuses on the full utilization of natural environment conditions, the interaction and symbiosis of human and natural environment, and constructs a spatial system through "mountain vein", "water vein", "wind vein" and "human vein". It emphasizes the transportation and aggregation of the whole project and environment, and grasps the close relationship between the project and convenient urban life.
When grinded by reality,
When life depresses character,
When tired and tired,
You need to break through.
Office dull and tedious
Life remains unchanged
Life 88
All wonderful lies in creation.
Chongqing Finance Street Finance Center Investment Office,
For us, it is a high-quality office project that seeks to break through and create.
Make the best use of everything and make the best use of people's interests.
Here, reject the boring routine.
The overall space design fully takes into account the cooperation between people and the coordination between people and the working environment. It is not limited to the static single office mode. Through the diversified decorative elements and multi-level spatial layout, it shows the new concept of living office to the outside world.
In order to correspond with the overall architectural design orientation, Haitai team has introduced a series of simple and exquisite office desks, chairs, storage cabinets and sofa coffee tables for the Full Scene Center Office, which blend with soft and hard-fitting, so that each design can be connected with the humanities and natural environment of the enterprise, and form its own scenery.
The office area is set as a free and open working mode, adding 120 degrees, one word and other different forms of workstations, making the best use of each space. Quiet blue and purple, vigorous orange and yellow, elegant white and grey... Bold and harmonious color matching, stimulate work thinking and enhance work enthusiasm.
More than colors, Abstract block carpets, geometric style chandeliers, log quality wall cabinets and so on, and potted plants everywhere, in order to build in-depth artistic taste of the natural humanities and office environment.
The warm and comfortable public leisure area blurs the boundary between office and home. Sitting on the soft sofa, you can feel the soft quality of life that strikes your heart directly. The bar, reading area and small negotiation area can realize all kinds of spiritual exchanges and create a sense of comfort at home.
The design of high partition wall and fence skillfully divides different areas appropriately, so that the space is not only transparent but also relatively independent and private.
Establishing a smooth and efficient communication space is conducive to gathering the strength of employees, crossing difficult hills, and jointly planning a better future for enterprises. Ajie series products are flexible and changeable, with simple and free combination, disassembly and assembly mode, and can open real-time interactive mode such as meeting, training, negotiation and so on at any time.
Rongjing Center Business Office Project tells us:
Self-discipline, efficiency and free enjoyment do not conflict.
Life is not so dull, work can be very emotional.
Creation lies in your actions.
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