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Shanghai Red Star Mei Kailong Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Project Name: Shanghai Hongxing Meikailong Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Service Team: Shanghai Haitaiyi Center
Project address: Shanghai Fortune Plaza Square
Project area: 2050 square meters
Project Products: Snow Station, Lange Supervisor, Dimon Back Cabinet
Customer's official website:
Shanghai Red Star Mei Kailong Real Estate Co., Ltd.
As a cutting-edge real estate force, Red Star Real Estate upholds the essence of Red Star Mei Kailong brand for more than 30 years and relies on the influence of the "Aegean Sea" brand, and always maintains the pursuit of beauty of life, art and creation. It integrates the beauty of human settlements, architecture and life, so as to upgrade urban aesthetics.
Shanghai Red Star Mei Kailong Real Estate Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Red Star Real Estate) belongs to Red Star Real Estate. It invests in the construction of business property and shopping malls with "home" as the core element and large-scale comprehensive commercial MALL as the main body. At present, "Red Star International Plaza" and other product lines have been extended to more than 30 cities in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin.
Many people fall in love with a city.
It's because there's aesthetics of life that he or she recognizes and loves.
Apart from eating, drinking and playing, living place, humanistic environment, office culture, etc.
It influences people's examination of the beauty of a city.
As one of the builders and decorators of urban aesthetics,
The goal is to build a comprehensive urban functional area project which integrates business, office, leisure and residence.
Bring convenience and noble business circles to the residents of different cities, and enjoy the unique life of taste.
The new office space of Hongxing Real Estate is located in Shanghai Fortune Center Square.
Haitaiolin helps it to interpret the unique aesthetics of office life in the city, as well as the unique style of office culture.
Each region here expressly conveys its properties.
At a glance, there is an invisible connection between the division.
Reasonable layout will activate the whole space linkage.
The trajectory of employees'activities forms a kind of common environment of office and public life in the process of coming and going.
Today, humanized and life-oriented design of office space,
It is easier to stimulate employees'potential and motivation and help them realize their value.
Then it brings enormous benefits to the development of enterprises.
Efficiency, self-discipline, pleasure and freedom.
As the common office needs of modern enterprises and employees,
It is our primary consideration in planning these office areas.
Snow series products, simple design, elegant, practical functional connotation.
For its workspace, administrative region, conference area, etc.
Bring a positive and convenient working atmosphere, which is conducive to the smooth progress of various collaborative communication links.
▽Randy Conference Table
Red Star Real Estate pays attention to the construction and transmission of enterprise humanities, and gathers the core force of the team.
So besides the office area, there are also system training area, step learning area, reading rest area and leisure tea drinking area.
Provide employees with various opportunities for learning and promotion, as well as a buffer zone for relaxation.
Work tired, go to the reading lounge to read magazines and books, so that thinking is free and active again.
Or come to the leisure tea drinking area, make a cup of tea, chat or sit quietly, release the tense body and mind.
Beauty is a way of life.
Red Star Real Estate,
We are committed to bringing a better quality of life to every Chinese city.
So, first of all, it creates a better office life for every employee.
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