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China Pharmaceutical Group Shanghai Medical Devices Co., Ltd.

Project Name: Shanghai Medical Devices Co., Ltd. of China Pharmaceutical Group
Service Team: Haitaiolin Group Shanghai Branch Center
Project area: 5200 square meters
Project Products: Square Series, Hemings Series, Langer Bar, Yale Sofa, Comps Sofa, etc.
Project Address: Shanghai
Completion date: September 2018
China Medical Devices Co., Ltd. (CMDC), founded in 1966, is the main force of SiNOPHARM specializing in the development of medical device business. Its annual revenue is over 30 billion yuan, and its operating network covers the whole country. It is the leader of domestic medical device commercial circulation and service operation enterprises. China Pharmaceutical Group Shanghai Medical Devices Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Pharmaceutical Devices in Shanghai. Its mission is to "let more people enjoy better health services".
On the eve of the 11th National Day, Shanghai Medical Devices Co., Ltd. of China Pharmaceutical Group (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai of China Pharmaceutical Devices") and two other member companies of China Pharmaceutical Devices moved to the new site of Shanghai Health Industrial Park of China Pharmaceutical Group. This three-storey single office building, surrounded by a large number of flowers and plants, brings comfortable and healthy "garden office" for employees, and improves their work happiness index.

As the builder of the brand of medical furniture, Haitaiolin Group shares the same pursuit with Shanghai of Chinese pharmaceutical equipment.
Provide users with healthy, safe, comfortable and human-friendly product design and services.
This time, we have planned a space solution for the new office area from a more professional perspective.
The overall space is based on the LOGO color of Guoyao Group - green, blue and lake blue, which represents the integration and convergence of green space, blue sky and sea. The color belongs to nature, which gives office space a comfortable atmosphere and continuous visual tension.
These color systems are used in wall design, high-barrier glass and lighting, and are also perfectly displayed and echoed in the office area. The tables and screens of SG workstation incorporate enterprise colours with different zones, making each space look beautiful and more representative.
Meetings, negotiation rooms and administrative spaces are integrated into the glass lattices, effectively utilizing the space, and separated from the open working area, without interference with each other. The transparent design can connect all the office areas in series and erase the alienation brought by the high partition wall.
Public areas such as waiting area, VIP space and leisure area are specially equipped with sofas, negotiation tables, bars and so on, which provide visitors and employees with short rest and adjusting working conditions, and enhance the humanistic atmosphere of enterprises.
Xiaobiao found that the Chinese Pharmaceutical Group launched a new LOGO on its website. It is understood that the new LOGO takes the upper half of the Chinese character "good" to simplify the appearance of surging water ripples, implying that the mind and realm of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Group is like water, which is inclusive of all things and humble; the combination of LOGO + Chinese and English, as a whole, presents the structure of "good" and takes the meaning "good as water".
Among them, green, blue and lake blue are matched, which integrates green space, blue sky and sea organically, implying the co-prosperity of the three systems of trade, scientific research and industry of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Group; the sign trend of spiral upward growth, like the genetic DNA in life, highlights the industry attributes and future development prospects; the overall design presents a heart shape, which symbolizes a collection of care, responsibility, innovation and development. The heart of life shared bears boundless love.
LOGO design fully embodies the core values of "care, responsibility, innovation and sharing" of the pharmaceutical group brand.
To provide more than 6000 end-users and hundreds of well-known brand manufacturers at home and abroad with comprehensive solutions such as medical device product management services, medical management services and circulation management services, and to build a multi-dimensional, open, innovative and win-win health service ecosystem.
And strive to become the most respected medical device enterprise with industry competitiveness and international influence;
Let more people enjoy better health services
China Pharmaceutical Group Shanghai Medical Devices Co., Ltd. is a medical device trading enterprise controlled by China Medical Devices Co., Ltd.
The main business involves the sales of medical devices, supplier logistics, hospital distribution, import and export of medical devices. At present, we have a professional marketing and after-sales team to serve all kinds of customers.
China Pharmaceutical Group Limited (SINOPHARM, abbreviated as "National Pharmaceutical Group") is a large-scale pharmaceutical health industry group directly managed by the State Asset Management Commission of the State Council. It is the only Chinese pharmaceutical enterprise that has entered the top 500 in the world.
Three-storey single office building, plus a large area of flowers and plants around the park, such an environment, colleagues call it "garden office".
It expresses that the leadership of the company has always hoped to increase the happiness index of employees through various ways. This relocation means that the company has entered a new development milestone. It not only greatly improves the working environment of employees, but also shapes a brand-new external image of the company. It also indicates a bright future for our development.
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