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Good Future (Beijing Xue Ersi Education Technology Co., Ltd.)

Project Name: Good Future (Beijing XueErsi Education Technology Co., Ltd.)
Project City: Beijing
Project area: 4500 square meters
Project Products: Square Series, Parker Conference Table, Hemings Conference Table, Feline Leisure Chair, Flight Tea Table, Customized Lattice Cabinet, Customized Leisure Sofa, etc.
Service Team: Haitaiolin Group Beijing Branch
Completion time: May 2018
Christmas Eve is coming, and the Christmas tree is covered with colorful lights, shining with dreams.
The child came to the tree and quietly made his wish:
When you wake up tomorrow, you will receive a gift from Santa Claus.
Next year's study will be better.
All dreams will come true in the future.
Merry Christmas!
Good Future (Beijing Xue Ersi Education Technology Co., Ltd.)
Good Future Education Group has been committed to promoting educational progress with science and technology.
Let everyone enjoy a fair and quality education, and realize the dream of life.
In the new teaching space project of "Learning for the Future" and "Think for the Internet School",
Haitai Olin Group Beijing 1 Center
A positive atmosphere of happiness, freedom and progress
As the main tone of spatial layout,
Introducing characteristic products suitable for modern teaching space.
Create an educational space full of youth and vitality.
Pine green, Christmas red, dream blue, lively orange, brilliant white...
Through the wonderful use of color, the whole space design forms a colorful and symbolic expression.
Like the colorful Christmas, it gathers all kinds of charming educational space.
It's like instantly letting the children insert the wings of colorful dreams.
Flying in the endless sky of learning.
Customized color latticed steel cabinets decorate the space.
It also has abundant storage practicability, bringing infinite vitality and inspiration to the work.
LOFT style smallpox incorporates multi-pose and technological geometric lighting.
With warm lights to dissipate the original cold, to add a little lively and witty space.
As an online school, teachers communicate with each other.
It has become the design focus of the whole educational space.
Open teaching workspace can keep teaching vigor.
The interval between tables and screens can also avoid affecting other people's work.
Through the design of safe and fast network and line system,
Access to modern intelligent technology,
Teachers work freely in this color space.
Have a pleasant online interaction with students, and can also communicate with colleagues offline at any time.
Conference negotiation space is an important area outside the teaching workspace.
These areas are interlinked with the teaching areas and have their own characteristics in design.
It reflects the connection between space and people and the mobility between people.
Combining Internet, multimedia and other online tools,
We have staffed the faculty.
The product integrates practicability and comfort.
Create a relaxed and efficient communication environment.
Discussions can be launched at any time to quickly solve various online teaching problems. 
Such a dynamic educational space,
Let teachers always keep a positive attitude and happily transfer knowledge to the younger generation.
Let the young learners realize step by step
Those wishes made on Christmas Eve.
Established in 2008, XueErsi Online School is the oldest online education brand in primary and secondary schools of Gongfu Education Group. It is also one of the online learning platforms for primary and secondary schools which integrate the two fields of "Internet" and "education" earlier in China. In 2010, the predecessor of "Good Future" was listed on the New York Stock Exchange and became the first primary and secondary education institution listed in the United States. From 2015 to 2017, Haohao will be selected as "Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands" for three consecutive years.
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