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Leading Moment No.16 | Autumn Harvest Competition Exhibition Style, Sparkling and Passing on to Cultivate Talents


Haitai Olin Group
During the Autumn Harvest Competition PK

Since the official launch of the Autumn Harvest Competition PK, Haitai Olin Group has actively prepared for technical competitions, sparking a wave of post skill training internally. On August 29th, the Haitai Olin Group Autumn Harvest Competition PK competition, including polishing skills competition, welding skills competition, and software skills competition, was held at the group headquarters. The group's production workshop frontline technicians and office process technology department employees participated in the competition.
Polishing Skills Competition

Welding Skills Competition

Evaluation of on-site judges for polishing and welding skills competitions

Software Skills Competition

Previously, the autumn harvest competition PK competition of Haitai Olin Group was in full swing, and all participants were fully immersed in the skills competition with full work enthusiasm, sparking a learning frenzy of "drilling business, practicing skills, and strengthening quality" within the enterprise. Everyone learned from each other, promoted each other, and improved together, achieving continuous skill improvement, constantly 
Spark Talent Program
Design Thinking Theme Training

On August 30th, in order to strengthen the empowerment and training of the 2023 Spark Talent Program, open up innovative design thinking, and stimulate personal creative potential, Haitai Olin Group organized a Spark Talent Program design thinking themed training.

This training invites renowned European designer Sandra, a design consultant from the group, to bring a theme sharing about design thinking to the students of the 2023 Spark Talent Program. She started from the application and innovation of design thinking in product design, combined with ONLEAD design philosophy and design innovation cases to share the exciting ideas of design thinking innovation, and interacted with classmates.

Haitai Olin Group has always regarded innovation as one of the spiritual connotations of the enterprise, focusing on cultivating employees' innovative design thinking and rooting innovation genes in their bloodlines. This training further enhanced the students' understanding of furniture design concepts and design thinking, helped them cultivate flexible thinking and innovative abilities, broke the inherent thinking constraints, and promoted innovation.
Professor Luo Hao and his delegation from the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Zhejiang University
Visiting the Central China Base of the Group for Visiting and Researching

On August 23rd, Professor Luo Hao from the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Zhejiang University led a technical team to visit and conduct research at the Central China Base of Haitai Olin Group. Chen Guangsheng, Deputy General Manager of Haitai Olin Group's Central China Base, warmly received Professor Luo Hao and his delegation.

Vice General Manager Chen Guangsheng welcomed Professor Luo Hao and his delegation, introducing the basic overview of the Central China Base, intelligent manufacturing, and future planning. Both sides had in-depth exchanges on the current status of ITOT in furniture industry enterprises in the information age, focusing on enterprise information management, industrial Internet of Things applications, digital upgrades, and other contents. They hope to further promote the construction of information, software, and information technology service industry research bases in the future.
After the symposium, Professor Luo Hao and his team walked into the intelligent manufacturing workshop of the Central China Base, conducting in-depth research on intelligent manufacturing equipment, digital intelligent production lines, as well as the application of information technology and digital management systems, and providing guidance on information, software, and information technology services.

Haitai Olin Group Central China Base
Carry out unpaid blood donation activities

On August 25th, in order to promote the spirit of volunteerism and transmit positive social energy, the Central China Base of Haitai Olin Group organized employees to carry out a voluntary blood donation activity. Employees actively participated and devoted their love to society through practical actions.

The blood donation vehicle from the Jingmen Red Cross Center came to the group's Huazhong base for a caring blood donation activity. Under the guidance of medical staff, blood donation employees should register, measure blood pressure, and blood type in an orderly manner, and cooperate with blood station medical staff to conduct various examinations. Among the employees participating in blood donation activities, there are both experienced volunteers who have persisted in donating blood for a long time and employees who have participated in blood donation for the first time. They all carry out love transmission and life relay through practical actions.

A trickle of water gathers into the sea, and bags of blood gather into great love. Haitai Olin Group has always regarded voluntary blood donation as an important work to guide employees to contribute love, give back to society, and enhance the construction of corporate spiritual civilization. It has always actively engaged in social welfare undertakings, practicing corporate social responsibility through voluntary blood donation, and calls on employees to interpret the spirit of selfless dedication of Haitai Olin people in the new era with practical actions.

Haitai Olin Group Employee Birthday Party

In order to enhance team cohesion, enhance employee friendship, and enhance employee happiness, the group held a warm and loving birthday party for the "birthday stars" in August. While bringing a full sense of happiness to everyone, it also added a strong touch to the construction of corporate culture.

The monthly collective birthday party not only allows employees to feel the warmth of the ONLEAD family and the humanistic care of the company, but also forms a part of the group's corporate culture, narrowing the distance between employees and enhancing team cohesion. The group has always been committed to creating a warm, harmonious, inclusive and dedicated family, striving to create a relaxed and harmonious work atmosphere, allowing every employee to work and live happily.

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